Who am I and how did The Milk Boutique start? 

I am Tammi and this is my daughter Ruby. 

She is the reason why TMB started and she gives me the strength to keep it going!

When I was pregnant with her I continued to be quite active through my pregnancy and soon found the lack of nursing-friendly activewear. I resorted to uncomfortable sports bras which I had to completely take off each time to feed but they were the only sports bras that gave me support! 

My partner and I are quite entrepreneurial and I was, and still am passionate about keeping fit during and after pregnancy for the physical and mental benefits that it provides, so whilst the idea sparked in my head while I was pregnant that I need to create a nursing friendly line, the business didn't start until Ruby was 6 months old... (as you can understand I had to adjust to the crazy world of motherhood first!) 

From there I dove deep into the world of designing and activewear and have been so supported by mothers all over the world who have watched my journey on Instagram, Facebook and snap chat and have encouraged me to grow my little business! 

When you buy from TMB you are supporting a small business and helping a working mama provide for her family, all whilst pursuing her passion! 

I want to thank you all and tell you I'm forever grateful! 

Tammi xx