Who am I? 
Hi! I'm Talissa and I own both The Milk Boutique and Made to Milk (lactation products for breastfeeding mums).
My passion for breastfeeding began during my own breastfeeding journey with my first baby, Milly. I struggled with my milk supply & before I knew it, Made to Milk was pumping lactation cookies out for not only me, but for tens of thousands of mums across Australia. 
During my business journey with Made to Milk, I connected with another like-minded business owner who was also passionate about breastfeeding and had just  launched TMB. 7 years later I'm so blessed to carry on her legacy as she passed The Milk Boutique reigns on to me. 
It's been a huge undertaking but one I am so incredibly proud of.
I hope one day my babies (now three of them!) will watch me & know that they can do anything they put their mind & soul into.
Thank you for being here and supporting myself, my team & my beautiful family!
You can follow more of my journey here:
IG - talissa.triffitt