Did you know that it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers wear well fitted/wireless bras?
Have you ever wondered why?
Well I've done some research and I can fill you in!

Bras with wires

Not only do bras with wires become instantly the most uncomfortable thing in the world when you're pregnant or breastfeeding but also from as early as 16 weeks gestation your breasts begin to lactate and change in size.
Wires are simply not flexible enough to give you support and comfort during the ever changing breast shape you will encounter during your pregnancy and breastfeeding days and from the inflexibility and pressure they can put on your breasts can even cause health concerns like blocked milk ducts or mastitis.. and coming from someone who has had mastitis multiple times, trust me, you do not want it!!

Wearing bras to bed

The decision to wear a bra to bed depends entirely on you!
Some women feel they need the support or a way to hold nursing pads in place, I've heard of ladies telling me they literally live in my bras (even swim in them!) but others find wearing a bra/crop top to bed to be too uncomfortable.

So at the end of the day it is definitely personal preference on whether or not you decide to wear a wire or wireless bra but from my personal experience, I swapped to wireless bras and I have never looked back! When you are a mother, comfort trumps all when it comes to what you are wearing on your body.

My only issue is that the huge lack of modern designs for wireless breastfeeding bras, crops & sports bras! and this is exactly why I have designed my bras for comfort as well as fashion!
I have personally worn the bras I have designed and find them to be extremely supportive and comfortable, they hug your bust with a firm band and stretchy fabric but aren't too firm at the same time as along as you use my measuring chart when placing an order then you will find the correct size your body.

So if you decide to go wireless then simply read my testimonials on my home page or go ahead and make an order, you will not be disappointed. 



February 01, 2017 — Tammi Keirl

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