The Big Move! Kids and Resilience

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Hey guys! 

If you're a follower of mine at @tammi.tmb you would know that a few weeks ago our family took a big leap of faith and moved away from everyone and everything we knew in SA to lap up a new lifestyle change on the Sunny Coast (QLD).


It has been naturally so scary for us as parents having concerns on how the girls will adapt to the completely new environment and essentially going back 10 steps as we re-introduce childcare/pre-school all over again so I thought I would write a blog on "adventuring out" whether it be moving houses, starting a new school or sports or simply putting your baby into care for the first time as you return to work. I hope these tips on what has helped us during this time and from our previous experience with both of our girls might help ease your mind and potentially help you prepare or feel more at ease for a similar situation. 


  1. New adventure = new routine and you can't start the new routine until the new adventure itself has begun.

What I mean by this is during the lead up to both of my girl's starting childcare I was so worried if they would sleep there since they bed share and I would often rock or lay next to them to get them to sleep but I found a new faith in that they always seem to establish a new routine on their own and in their environment and I am sure that is what will happen here in QLD and the best I can do is to help make that new adjustment for them as comfortable as possible. I have control over things like making sure their school bags are packed with everything they might need, and I have communicated as well as I can with the carers, but I can't control the new relationships and routines they will form independently. 

  1. Communication - they understand more than I ever expected. 

I feel like I always seem to underestimate just how much the girls understand and, in the lead up to our move, I made sure I communicated as much as possible with the girls despite their ages by explaining what they can expect, how they might feel about it and if they are worried or scared it is completely normal. I use communication as much as I can to reassure them and I feel like this has helped so much with the move. We have booked tours with new childcare centres and pre-schools and start off with short orientations and my focus for those days is to make it all about them and making them feel comfortable and safe. 

  1. Never underestimate kids’ resilience 

One thing that has taught me about the experience of moving with the girls is that they are so much stronger than I give them credit for, I was so worried about how fragile they would be about this new experience and they have proved me wrong, like they have done in every single similar situation in the past. Sometimes... actually all the time, I feel like I make myself worry about them more than I need to, with as much support and preparation as I can provide, I bet they soon won't even remember they have moved across Australia!

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    November 20, 2020 — Tammi Keirl

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