Home workout with my toddler!


Home workout with my toddler!

Yesterday I told you guys on my Instagram stories (@themilkboutique) that I was going to do an at-home workout while Ruby was in childcare but there was a big break out of hand foot & mouth so I kept her home.

So, I decided to attempt one of my at home workouts with Ruby with me and it was definitely interesting... and challenging but it can be done!

The best part? the equipment was from Kmart for just $30! I used x2 8g kettlebells (they don't sell any heavier) x1 skipping rope I hope you guys enjoy this video and it gives you some ideas on exercises you can do at home or some motivation to get moving!

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer, I just film the exercises that I do at home or in the gym. If you are wanting to start any new exercises please speak with your GP and get cleared first especially if you have recently given birth.

I am wearing our "Feed With Freedom" tank in purple in this video!