Ruby's Dino Room Reveal!

Ruby's Dino Room Reveal!

We all know my girl Ruby is slightly obsessed with dinosaurs or "roar roars" as she likes to call them! so for her 3rd birthday instead of buying her toys where I knew the novelty would wear off quickly, we decided to give the dino lover a full dinosaur themed bedroom makeover! 

Something that would be in her childhood memories forever and will hopefully encourage her to sleep in her own room and in her own bed at night.

We all know what it's like having toddlers sneak their way into your beds at night... well I do anyway!

I have fortunately scored a few codes for you all in case you see anything in Ruby's room that you love and I'll include as many links as I can find/remember!

So here it is! (with the help of Ruby's little sissy Sav - don't mind Ruby's sore nose/lip.... she fell out of my bed while we were sleeping the night before the room reveal!!) 


Ruby's Bed 

We decided to upgrade ruby's bed to a king single bed which I found from Hip Kids which is a VIC company, they have a huge range of beautiful kids furniture as well as anything else you can imagine!! It's a huge online store! 

I love this bed because it's a mini version of our King size bed! 

My brother helped assembled Ruby's new bed, he makes beds and furniture for a living and was impressed with the quality of it and how it actually has support legs in the middle so the slats don't break easily! 

Click HERE to shop Ruby's bed.

We also got this white side table from the same company which is called the "store and play" which has a lid that comes off so Ruby can put her toys and teddies inside (such a cool idea!!) 

Click HERE to shop the "store and play" side table. 

Night Light

I love this cute little dino night light from Seed heritage! It's made from silicone and you just squeeze or touch it to turn it on and make brighter. 

Click HERE to shop the dino night light.

Ruby's Bedding

The gorgeous dinosaur quilt cover set is from Pillow Talk (It's literally the only girly dinosaur set I could find and I searched everywhere!!) 

Throw cushions are from Kmart.

Click HERE to shop the dinosaur quilt cover set.

Wallpaper (Decals) 

These decals literally make the room!! I'm 110% glad I went with this brand and Ruby's face when she saw them... my gosh! made me so happy. 

I got them from Ginger Monkey and the wonderful owner said I could give out the code "TMB" for 10% off if you love any decals/wallpaper from her store! 

I love these decals because you can place them somewhere and easily peel off and move if you aren't happy with the positioning!

Click HERE to shop the dinosaur decals 

Click HERE to shop the green foilage decals


My gosh! this rug is seriously incredibly - the colours and quality of it is exactly what I wanted and not to mention when Rugs Of Beauty heard about my dino room reveal they offered to give you guys 15% off their store with the code "TMB"

Click HERE to shop the rug. (we got the 290 x 200cm size)


Kids ALWAYS need storage space and ruby has so many books so we decided to grab a Kallax Ikea shelving unit and the Drona storage cubes in grey.

Click HERE to shop Kallax storage shelves

Click HERE to shop storage cubes


Dinosaur ottoman and bean bag

Oh my gosh, this dinosaur ottoman was so hard to find for Ruby's room, I was a woman on a triceratops mission!! Of course, as I just checked... they are all back in stock now so if you want one here's the link (they are from Big W).

Click HERE to shop ottoman.

Bean bag is from Kmart, I think about $19? and needed 200litres of beans which was around $20. 


These dinosaur prints are AMAZING!! they are from Etsy, the woman who I dealt with was so lovely and she got them to me in about 2 days! so fast.

They say "Be Kind", "Be Happy" and "Be You". 

The frames for them are from Kmart they are A3.

Click HERE to shop dinosaur prints from Etsy 

Click HERE to shop the A3 frames from Kmart

Well, I think that's it guys!! I hope you love her room and get some inspiration from it if you are looking to do a room makeover for your little cherubs! 



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