My Hospital Bag List (Packing for Baby S's Arrival!)

Hey guys! 

Welcome to #2 of my "Helpful Preggy Posts!" 

My hospital bag list and what I'll be bringing (packing for the birth of my second daughter) 

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with babe #2, with my first daughter, Ruby, I had packed my bags by 28 weeks but I found I over packed a lot of unnecessary things so this time around, although I'm packing my bags a little bit late.. (whoops!) I am finding that I am more organised this time and will keep my bag fairly simple and practical. 

For the best time to pack your hospital bag, I would suggest a good time to start packing or at least create your list of essentials would be between 28-35 weeks. 

In this post, you'll find that I've teamed up with amazing businesses that have thrown in some generous discount codes for the products that I am packing and so if there's something below that you find you'd like to pack in your very own hospital bags! (I'll throw in all the direct links and make it super easy for you!). 

So let's get into it! 

Hospital/Baby Bag

I decided to go with the brand Vanchi for my hospital/baby bag, the style is called - Indie Holdall (black & gold). I am so impressed with the quality and size of this bag, it's not a ridiculously large sized bag but it's also not too small. It has so many zippers and compartments to store bottles, creams, keys, wallet/purse, dummies etc.. and I love that it comes with the baby changing clutch set which I'll be storing our nappies wipes and creams in. It also comes with a longer strap option if you'd prefer the bag to sit lower but I find without the longer strap it sits really nicely. 

Discount code - "INSTAVANCHI10" Click HERE to shop. 

Labour (Energy)

1. @milkymummanutrition - Mummalyte energy drink - , which I'll be using in one of my large 1.4litre drink bottles and sipping on throughout the birth (this energy/hydrating drink is packed with electrolytes and minerals to keep my body hydrated and energised for longer) I've read that good hydration allows nerves to deliver messages properly and you wouldn't smash a hardcore workout without making sure you're properly hydrated so there's no difference when you're preparing for birth. 

Discount code - "THEMILK10" valid for 7 days - click HERE to shop. 


2. @madetomilk - Lactation cookies to snack on which I will continue eating for once baby S arrives to support my milk to come in. (These cookies are so delish which is a bonus! and made by a girlfriend of mine so I'll be packing 4 in a sandwich bag for the hospital bag and then eat 1 or 2 a day once we get back home). 

Discount code - "TMB10" (ongoing discount code) - click HERE to shop. 

Labour (relaxation and reduce my anxiety) 

Throughout my pregnancy, I have been turning to essential oils to combat my anxiety and stress, for not only me but the whole fam including Ruby! So it's only natural for me that I continue my use of essential oils during my labour and I was so stoked when @theserenityfiles got in touch with me and told me she was releasing a pregnancy, birth and beyond kit. I will most definitely be packing the calm birthing mist and the energy birthing mist in my hospital bag. They aren't quite the same as an epidural (haha!) but I know I will be relying on them to help me stay calm through the entire process. 

Discount code - "TMB" Valid until the 1st March 2019 - click HERE to shop.

Labour (pain management)

1. I won't be packing this... I'll be wearing it as soon as those contractions hit!

I used a tens machine for about 80% of my 24hour labour with Ruby and I'll most definitely be using one again, you'll need to do your own research on this device and speak to your health care professional but in a nutshell... a tens machine typically has 4 sticky pads which you can stick onto your back and is controlled by a remote device which sends buzzing/tingling sensation onto your skin which can help block or suppress the pain messages to your brain. 

Don't buy one, just hire one! you can speak to your hospital, GP or local pharmacy and enquire where the best one to hire from is but I live in Adelaide and I am personally hiring from "Hire For Baby" but it looks like they have locations nationally so if you click HERE you can find your nearest Hire For Baby.  

2. @bodyicewoman - Maternity care box which includes their perineum strip and gel breast pads. I'll be freezing and using the perineum strip for after birth. I remember how sore/inflamed downstairs stairs after Ruby's birth!) but you can also use the perineum strip heated up during the 2nd stage of labour to help reduce the chance of perineum trauma so I'll be giving that a go this time as well if the hospital will let me heat it up in some hot water (the hospital didn't let me use my wheat bag last time as they had/have a policy of not allowing wheat bags to be heated in the microwave). The gel breast pads in the maternity care box will be used heated or frozen for my boobs once my milk comes in or during engorgement when I'm back home. 

Discount code - "THEMILKBOUTIQUE" 30% off their three main ranges which include BodyICE Woman, BodyICE Kids and BodyICE Recovery - Click HERE to shop

Labour attire 

I think it's fairly obvious that I'll be packing and wearing my TMB nursing friendly crops during my labour and once Baby S comes out! Click HERE to look at what crops I have available.

For the rest of my body, I will be packing a long loose dark coloured dress for easy birthing access and I've purchased some loose singlets and pants for after birth from Cotton on body from their "Sleep Recovery" category - Click HERE to shop that category. 


After Birth Attire

@modibodiaustralia - postpartum underwear are and should be given extreme thought while packing your hospital bag! Just think grannie panties! Don't pack any coloured underwear, they will only get stained so stick to black and big enough to fit your maternity pads. 

For me personally, I decided to order online and grab a few undies from Modi Bodi, I've heard amazing things about this brand so I went with one of their maternity low cut undies (which would be great if you end up having a cesarean) as well as a pair of their full brief undies (see photos below) 

Modi Bodi's underwear have a trademarked material that replaces pads in underpants so I'm excited to try them out and see how they work for me (I will still be packing maternity pads but I just can't say no to extra protection!)

Discount code - "modibodimilk" Valid until the 21.2.19 - click HERE to shop.


Things to grab from Woolies, Coles or your local supermarket.

    • Maternity pads (and lots of them - the bigger and heavier the absorbancy ones the better, even if it feels like you'll be wearing an adult diaper because you basically will be!) 
    • Ural sachets (to help with stinging when you pee if you get any cuts or tearing during birth). 
    • I'm just going to go right out there and say it... you may want to get some haemorrhoid cream, just tell the pharmacist that you're "asking for a friend" (haha!) Ego SOOV It Haemorrhoid Ointment is a good one... Let's just say I won't go into much more detail than that. 
    • Panadol and/or Nurofen (stock up as those after birth pains/contractions are a killer and I hear that they only get worse with subsequent births... yay!) 
    • Newborn nappies and wipes (I'm a big fan of Baby Love nappies and I've always used the unscented "Little Ones" wipes).
    • Disposable breast pads 


I have already mentioned nappies and wipes above so for the rest of the things I'll be packing for Baby S are... 

1. Singlets, socks & flannels (wash cloths) 

2. Bonds wondersuits - I think they are the best for newborns! 

3. Going home outfit + cute swaddle for announcement photo. (see below) 

**I won't be packing any baby washes or oils as I'd prefer baby to have her first bath either at home or if she has one in the hospital I'd prefer to just use plain warm water, to begin with**

@piperbugshop - Bamboo Swaddles - This brand have the cutest bamboo "Hello World" swaddle/blanket which I'll be using for my announcement photo + for wrapping baby S when not using the love to dream swaddle. I just love their whole vibe and their products have such good reviews so I'm excited to try their swaddle/blankets.

Discount code - "MILKBOUTIQUE" - Click HERE to shop 

4. @lovetodreamaustralia - Newborn swaddle - Ruby loved these swaddles as a newborn and I absolutely recommend them to everyone I speak to who is expecting a babe of their own, so I will be bringing one along with me for Baby S to sleep in, it will also be very helpful for night time sleeping if I end up staying in the hospital for a few nights or more. 

Click HERE to shop 

5. @bloomlette_ arrival plaque - because who doesn't love a good arrival announcement photo! & if you're planning on taking one while still at the hospital then it might be a cute idea to bring along a little photo prop, this is the one I'll be bringing with me (photo below) 

Discount code: "MILK15" - Click HERE to shop 

6. @babydinkwear - newborn baby carrier top - I recently came across this product and thought it was a really cool invention! I will be bringing the plain black one (size small) with me to the hospital for me to wear while I'm just chilling on the hospital bed, while visitors come and when leaving the hospital. I'll obviously continue to use afterwards when I get back home as well so I can be handsfree, playing with Ruby, packing orders etc..

Discount code - "TMB" expires 5pm 19.2.19 - Click HERE to shop now

7. @maternitea breastfeeding and restoring teas I love this natural and organic tea brand and I have quite a few of their blends at my home which I use regularly so I'll be bringing along some their "Prosperitea" tea bags to help my milk supply and their "Serenitea" tea bags to help restore muscle soreness and inflammation in a sandwich bag for me to sip on between feeding and family/friendly visitors in the hospital. 

Discount Code - "TMB" (ongoing discount) Click HERE to shop 

Don't forget! 

Your phone, phone charger, earphones in case you're there for a while and want to listen to podcasts or watch youtube but don't want to wake the baby, camera and camera charger and toiletries.

Also, tell hubby or your partner to pack a nice pillow (in case they have to crash on the hospital sofa) toothbrush, change of clothes and some snacks for themselves.

Well, that's it guys!!

It's been a very in-depth and detailed blog post but I really do hope this helps you in your preparation and lead up to your very own birth.

Please comment below or comment on my instagram @themilkboutique with any questions you may have or feedback you may have. 

Tammi - TMB xx






Thanks so much lovely such an amazing help! I’m just over 37 weeks now so will be adding a few things! Thank you 😊



Now that you’ve had baby S, keen to hear of the carrier top was practical. I’m unsure if it’s worth it at this point or just stick to my carrier.



Thank you so much for this 😍

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