Do You Have The Right Mindset To Run A Business?

Do you have the right mindset to run a business?

I am clearly no expert so I can only talk from my experience but this is what I have learnt so far from running my business for the past 12months.

The Milk Boutique launched late 2016, not only has the business taught me so much about fabrics, manufacturing, website platforms, postage, accounting, time management etc but it has also taught me about myself and how I cop or (don’t cop) with the pressure and how I have had to seriously work on me and one thing which is what running a business (for me) all comes down to… that is having the right mindset.

“According to the Australian Bureau Statistics more than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of starting.”

These stats are pretty sad if you ask me, and yes there would be a large majority of these businesses closing down due to lack of money, poor market research and many other reasons but there would also be a lot of them ceasing operating because running a business is bloody overwhelming at times to say the least!

The biggest lesson of all that has recently slapped me in the face is that it is all about how you focus your energy and how you set your mindset to over come these challenges especially when the sad truth is that many businesses do not even profit within the first year of operation!

No money and constant problems to work through, it’s a no brainer why business owners make the decision to shut down!

So yes, there will be many hurdles and knock backs along the way in your business journey, heck if you had seen the time when I lost my shit and stressed for weeks over the colour of a zipper... (haha). Your “to-do” list will be never ending and there will be times when you question yourself why you are evening bothering and if these problems are worth the stress?

Well here’s the motivation kick up the bum you are looking for…

Problems are a sign of life, if you don’t have any problems then you are probably dead! It is your mind set that will determine how you react and deal with the problem ahead, will you let the hurdles make you want to give up and throw in the towel? Or will they fuel you and motivate you to step up to a whole new level and push even harder to over come it? Having a focused and positive mind set will not only determine who you are and how successful your business will become but also the kind of mother, wife, partner you are in life in general.

Steps to improve your mind set

Have a clear action plan on where you want to go in your career and why you want to go there, know that you have the power to shift your focus and attitude positively towards something is a powerful thing, don’t focus and become overwhelmed on your forever ending “to do” list or things that may have gone wrong recently or in the past, focus your energy on one thing at a time. Ask yourself, what’s one thing that you can do today that will improve your business? Focus and accomplish that one thing then ask yourself that question again the next day and before you know it, your “to do” list will be very quickly shortened and you will feel a sense of control and fulfilment.

This week specifically has been a challenging week for me and there’s been absolutely no reason for it apart from this little voice in my head that is telling me to “give up” and “it’s too hard” but I would like to thank this little negative nancy voice that appears every now and again because it have given me the strength to have a long hard think about why it’s appearing and what I can do about it so I turned to my keyboard, nutted out what is most important to me in and it all came down to having a positive mind set.

So sorry little voice! You won’t win today, instead you have inspired me to write this inspiring blog and keep pushing to see my dreams come true!

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