11 Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle Post Baby

Okay.. here we go! Blog post #2 

I currently have a 10 month old who is on edge and a roast that's nearly ready plus orders to pack but you know what.. I am going to smash this blog out with those mama multitasking skills because no.. it not easy when you need to work from home but hey a mums got to do what a mums go to do so lets get to it!..

Firstly I would like to mention that in no way, shape or form am I professionally trained in this field. I am simply passing along my personal experiences and if you have just given birth then it's best to speak with your doctor first before changing or starting a new exercise program.

11 Tips for Living A Healthy Lifestyle Post Baby. 

  1. Buy a stick free pan and ditch those unnecessary cooking oils! Kmart has amazingly priced pans so you can't go wrong. 

  2. Stick to wholefoods, I used the think..... I'm eating a WHOLE dish of fasta pasta, what is this wholefoods you speak of?! Wholefoods mean food that has been refined or processed as little as possible and is eaten in it's natural state.

  3. Exercise for enjoyment not for punishment! Get outdoors and out of your comfort zone daily (leave that dirty laundry and unvacuumed carpet for 30minutes! It will still be there when you get back I promise and you will actually feel more energised to do the housework when you get back)
    For me, my exercising of enjoyment is running and working my leg (lunges, squats etc) I love my spotify playlist blasting in my ears! Sure.. there's plenty of days where it feels hard to "get going" but once I've started I don't regret it for a second. 
    Find the exercise that you love whether that's walking, dancing, swimming, going to the gym and doing weights, hiking etc. 

  4. Set yourself a goal i,e you want to walk, run or hike that 4kms in a faster time frame than you did yesterday or you want to drop 1kg in 3 weeks. Once you start seeing results you won't want to stop and it can actually become addictive!

  5.  If you are just starting off then don't restrict yourself to an unrealistic diet or exercise plan i,e I will go to the gym EVERYDAY and not eat a single sliver or sugar or fat.. for me this in unrealistic and where I would fail majorly. 
    Firstly going to the gym everyday when I have to care for my 10month old baby just isn't going to happen! and secondly.. I NEED treats in my life on a daily occasion otherwise without them, I'll cave in hardcore and binge eat a whole block of cadbury! 
    Instead.. I give myself a healthier/wholefood treats (like home made cacao balls) and as for the gym I can only make it once a week and that's okay for me, the other days I'll go for a run, even if it's just 25minutes in the morning before my daughter and partner wake up. It's better than doing nothing and mentally I feel SO much better to have moved my body.

  6. Exercise first thing in the morning if you can then it's done and you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day. For me.. if I don't do it straight away I'll get distracted with work or what usually looks like a bombs hit my house and it just won't happen. 

  7. Find a workout buddy (Hey Sarah! haha) Having a gym buddy who is as dedicated in reaching their goals as you are with yours will really help with keeping you both accountable & it's great to get social! (If you can use your partner, wife, husband as your workout buddy then even better - There's nothing better than a strong, power couple!)

  8. Drink ALOT of water, water is your best friend! Buy a 1 litre water bottle (Bottle co is one company I can think of because sometimes it's hard to find 1 litre bottles) and strive to drink at least 2-3 per day. Drinking lots of water promote weight loss and improves energy levels and over all health.

  9. Spoil yourself with new active wear! How good does it feel to wear new threads while releasing those endorphins or better yet, buy yourself something as a treat only once you have reached a PB or met a goal you set i,e if you move your body everyday for 1 week then you'll buy yourself that pretty new crop top you have been eyeing off. 

  10. Follow motivating influencers on social media. It's so simple these days to find handy workouts and healthy recipes online. I don't follow many but my top two have to be Revie Jane & Ashy Bines, both are mothers in QLD - Australia and they live and preach a very healthy and positive lifestyle physically and mentally. They are also both on snapchat and check in with snaps on the daily.
  11. Last of all have a back up plan! Baby's consume our life and as mothers we often come last. There will be days where your healthy eating and/or exercising will go out the window but for me by keeping frozen 'Gym Foods Australia' meals in our freezer as back up meals mean that when I just don't have the energy or time to cook something at least I can fall back on those meals for lunch or dinner.
    If you can't get out and exercise one day that's completely fine, it happens and it happens often but it's more important to keep up with your healthy eating!
    There's so many varieties of convenient, precooked meal companies out there these days but if you can't afford them or would prefer to meal prep a bulk amount of meals for your freezer back ups then even better!

Okay.. I did it!.. My veggies may be a little over cooked/ burnt now haha so I hope this has been worth it for someone and worth the read! 

If anyone would be keen on getting some healthy, quick and easy recipes then please let me know by getting in touch on social media @themilkboutique (insta) & just search for The Milk Boutique on facey.

Thanks for reading babes! xx 

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